Booking a Pattaya Guest Friendly Hotel

Pattaya is known to be the single man’s paradise.  It’s not exactly an ideal beach vacation spot because the beach is not exactly the greatest but it is also not what Pattaya is known for.

Pattaya’s nightlife is what brings single men to this beach town.  As a single man if you’re looking to have some fun with the ladies you will indeed have much more luck and success with the women in Pattaya.

The Deal With Girls in Pattaya

Even if you are an old man with a big beer belly and no hair on your head it won’t matter to these ladies.  It is because they’re after one thing – your wallet.  If you are OK with exchanging sex for money you will no doubt enjoy yourself.  In Pattaya you will find many bar girls and go go dancers to take home with you.  They can be found in the bars all along walking street which is the main strip in Pattaya.  This area turns into a wild street party at night and they surely not to be missed.

Booking Hotels

You will need to understand how things work first before you go ahead and book your hotel.  There are many hotels in Pattaya who have strict policies in relation to unregistered guests.  Some hotels want to preserve their family oriented environment find not allowing men to bring bar girls to their room.  If you should be so unlucky as to book one of these hotels, you can be in one of two predicaments.  The first scenario is not as bad but it is going to cost you more money.  What these hotels will do is they will charge you what is called a joiner fee.  This fee can range from hotel to hotel but can add up to the point where it’s not worth it to stay at the hotel anymore if you plan on bringing home ladies almost every night.

The other scenario is much worse.  Some hotels will not even allow you to bring an unregistered guest to your hotel room.  Especially if she is Thai as they will know that she is a bargirl and do not want her kind in the hotel.

Some hotels may be considered guest friendly but will charge for small things such as breakfast if your girl decides to partake in the morning.  Some of the hotels may find other ways to charge you such as something simple as an extra charge for a pillow or something.

Why Guest Friendly Hotels Are Important

This is why you need to find a guest friendly hotel in Pattaya which is a hotel that has no problems with you bringing girls to your room.  They will not charge a joiner fee or give you any hassle.  The only thing some of these guest friendly hotels may do is ask that your lady believe her identification card with reception.

If you’re planning on bringing a Ladyboy to your room you also need to understand that in Thailand there are different sets of rules for Ladyboys.  For example there are some clubs on walking street that to not allow Ladyboys in.  They will simply turn them away.  In the west we would find this incredibly discriminatory but it is a practice in Thailand because the culture is much different.

The same can go for some hotels.  Even though they may be guest friendly it does not mean that they will allow Ladyboys.  In this case you will need to find yourself a Ladyboy friendly hotel.

Even if you’re not planning on bringing girls back to your room to distill advisable to book a hotel that will allow guests that are unregistered to your room without issue.

This is just simple smart planning on your part and thinking ahead.